Shop Safety Absorbent Program

What make our absorbents unique

  • Reusable, poly-blend materials, thickest in the industry

  • Eliminates Cradle-To-Grave environmental liability through reclamation of waste and reuse of absorbents

  • Custom absorbent sizes available for your specified application


Industrial Cleaning Services

"Adrem Clean"

When it comes to cleaning industrial equipment, Adrem staff prides themselves on the outcome. We call this, "Adrem Clean".
Simply put, we have the highest paid staff in the industry. This not only shows them that we care about them but ensures that they clean beyond standard expectations.
To further show that we care more about the job than the profit, we will beat any competitors price, hands down.

Test System Maintenance

Precision is the Key to Quality

Including preventive cleaning actions into PPAP is exactly what customers want to see.
Our attention to detail during the cleaning process is such that we take notice of accessible components, inspecting for defect and potential failure points. Cleaning and assessing these areas allow for us to report concerns to the client and improve overall equipment efficiency.


Heat Treat Products

Trusty & Reliable

As with any process, the final step matters most. Adrem's 615-F UV coating protects your final product from corrosion and allows for longevity. Contact us today for more information.

Environmental Sustainability Process and Control

Product Subtitle

How can we help to get you to get on-board with the green manufacturing? Adrem's long standing reputation for extending our resources to our clients speaks volumes to how much we care. Ensuring that everything from the products we deliver to the waste we remove is environmentally safe, we pride ourselves in keeping a cradle to cradle flow of quality.


Adrem Incorporated

Why service matters to us

As a family owned and operated small business we know one thing, without you there is no us as a company. Our family prides itself on customer service with a smile and celebrates every opportunity to serve in ways that make us stand out beyond the rest. Our values extend past that of larger competitors, allowing us to convey a smile with every product and service we deliver