The Adrem Team

Jerry Maddock

Proprietor, Certified Lubrication Specialist, Technical Consultant

In 1975, Adrem founder Jerry Maddock pooled his knowledge and resources together and headed out to serve Metro Detroit's manufacturing sector. Jerry had worked beside his father for many years, learning valuable business practices, the most important of those, ethics, honesty, and family.

Four decades later Adrem has grown, as has the Maddock family. Building its customer base and serving many fellow small business along the way.

In 2015 Jerry took to partial retirement and turned over day-to-day operations to son-in-law Scott Hasman. 

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Scott Hasman


A native of Rochester, NY, Scott hails from an entrepreneurial background where he grew up in the family machine shop, learning that hard work pays off.

Scott's energy level truly powers the family's desire to move to the next level. As he has moved into the position of owner, Scott's passion for the company to grow shows in his drive to increase sales and services, delivering great customer service with a quality product as an added benefit. 

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Ray Hammond

Director of Operations

Ray joined Adrem in 2019. He brings with him vast knowledge of many industries and markets. He is the first non-family member to join the team but has been associated with the Maddocks and Hasmans for years.

With experience in industrial maintenance, logistics, manufacturing, and more, Ray delivers an out of the box perspective that allows us the ability to overcome the obstacles we face in our next level of growth.  

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