Reusable Absorbents

Sustainability you can own

  • Eliminate Paper Work – no longer will you be required to fill out waste manifest forms, track waste, write a bunch of Product Orders for collection drums, absorbents, disposal company service, nor the checks to all three or more vendors that are required by disposal systems. Absorbent Recycling LLC will do the entire recycle for re-use service with one purchase order, streamlining the process.

  • Eliminate Liability & Waste – Absorbent Recycling LLC’s process is not regulated by RiCRA and it eliminates three waste streams: the collection containers for storing used absorbents are cleaned for re-use, the used absorbents are cleaned and recycled for re-use, and the oil and non hazardous liquids are extracted and recycled for re-use. Therefore there is no waste or liability associated with said waste.

  • Reduce Labor – Our trained staff helps to prepare a custom system that will reduce your labor efforts for your current disposal system. The absorbents, the containers, the delivery, the recycling, and the pick-up of the used pads is all coordinated with Absorbent Recycling LLC, not three different vendors, drivers, and companies. We will set up a system that will reduce waste, be easy, fast and comprehensive.

  • Save Money – Absorbent Recycling LLC will supply your company with free delivery, free recycling, free pick-up of absorbents destined for laundry, and free drums or containers for collection of the used absorbents. The only thing you will be required to pay for will be the cleaned absorbents ready for re-use. You will be happy to know that these absorbents are stronger, stay down longer and outperform disposable absorbents, which will save you money. All this and our absorbent prices are as competitively priced as disposable absorbents are! It’s not uncommon for Absorbent Recycling LLC to be able to reduce a new customers cost of absorbents handling by half!

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